About us

The Oasis aims to be an international team partnering with churches, both locally and globally, to walk alongside refugees, offering them the Living Water of Jesus Christ and moving with them toward an intimate relationship with Him and His people.

The focus of the team at the Oasis is to reflect the heart of God to refugees and offer them the hope, life and refuge that can only be found in Jesus. Working with Austrian and ethnic churches in the Vienna area, the team seeks to equip those who come to faith to be able to share Jesus with others, including their own people, both in Austria and in their countries of origin. 



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Welcome Refugees In Dignity


We are a community of people

who are inspired by Jesus

and who love foreigners.

For us, all people and cultures are equally valuable.

Therefore, we welcome refugees in dignity,

and encourage a culture of connection –

even though we live in a world full of exclusion and racism. 

This is how we want to contribute

to people and communities

being changed by the power of God.  



Our Values

  • We follow Jesus' example 
  • Equality of all peoples
  • Equality of all cultures 
  • The right to asylum
  • Free access to the job market 
  • Sustainable global economic activity
  • It's about the simple things in life


Our Mission

  • To serve refugees by fulfilling their basic needs 
  • To give them hope 
  • To help them to become integrated into society 
  • To inspire the people around us