International Teams

International Teams (ITeams) began working in central and Eastern Europe in the 1970s through teams who lived in Austria but whose focus was to go behind the Iron Curtain to deliver Bibles, literature and supplies to suffering churches in Communist countries.

These teams began to see refugees from these Communist countries right on their doorstep in a nearby village, Traiskirchen. Traiskirchen has been home to Austria’s biggest refugee reception since 1956. International Teams international workers saw a great opportunity to reach out to refugees through meeting some of their practical needs, sharing what it means to be a follower of Jesus and offering involvement in seekers and discipleship groups.  A dream began to form.

ITeams then began a team focusing specifically on reaching these refugees in Traiskirchen. In 1987, the Oasis was born after International Teams purchased a former grocery store just down the street from the Traiskirchen refugee camp.  The Oasis provided space for team offices as well as a place where refugees could come and experience the love Jesus Christ.



Through the years, the Oasis team has ministered to refugees from more than 70 different countries. 


We are in a strategic place to minister to refugees at a critical stage in their lives that stimulates questions about life and truth. We believe God has established this ministry at a critical time and place in history to share His love with people, many of whom may never have had the chance to hear of His great love in their own country.